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The Mask of the Jaguar King

Mortal and Pestle

Crush the Serpent

Pictures with a Naked Camera

Shortly After Takeoff

Together Tulane

Owning the Knuckleball

Bizet's Locket

Heart Timers

The Czar of Nothingness

A Map and a Cap...

American archaeologist finds herself stranded at a Mayan Temple with a dangerous revolutionary set stealing a priceless artefact.

When a faithless, Jewish widower from NYC meets a mid-western convert to Judaism…

Discharged Afghan vet with a homeland mission leads a blacklisted journalist on a strange journey in a hot-off-the-press story of intrigue and betrayal.

A small-town girl, moves to NYC in 1955, becomes engaged to an intern, and is stricken with polio. When your world collapses, does your life begin?

During the leaderless 60's a fatherless teen struggles to escape the chaos of his

suburban family via an artistic vision.

At a band's 25th reunion to record their one hit, their lead singer (who's on a quest for an extinct bird) fights to re-define their commitments, confront long-kept secrets and settle a love triangle.

 Led on a journey of Native American mysticism a man becomes a baseball legend and, amid universal adoration, loses sight of his own family.

Searching in France for her birth parents, a woman begins a fiery relationship with a French Resistance leader who may be concealing a criminal past.

Two Jersey girls struggle to define their emerging political and sexual identities five years after high school.

A young waif tricks an elderly widower into learning how to forgive his transgressions and begin anew.

The son of a Holocaust survivor battles with the ghost of his father.

Lost at Sea

Stranded on a yacht deep in the Bermuda Triangle, a wealthy couple is befriended by an “alternative life-style” couple on a sailboat.

Art's Life

Painter Arthur Nash comes of age in a Soho loft during changing economic times. Extended off-Broadway run on Theatre Row.

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